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5 Brilliant Bandana Games For Youth Ministry

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Bandanas are a critical game supply in youth ministry. They can be used for designating teams and, of course, playing games. If you’re looking for some quick and inexpensive youth ministry games with bandanas, you’ve come to the right place.

I hope you enjoy the games below. Just so you know, I am an Amazon Affiliate and anything you purchase from the links below supports this website and Disciple Project Ministries. Thanks.

If you’re looking to buy some bandanas in basic blue and red six of each, go here or if you want some cool tie dye bandanas grab them here. Lastly, some times you need jumbo bandanas.

Now, how about some games to play with these bandanas.

Bandana, Cup, Marble

This is a team building game. Separate your group into teams of 5-7 and give them each a a bandana, a cup and a marble. The cup goes on the bandana and the marble goes on the cup. The whole team must have their hands on the bandana and carry the cup and the marble (about 20 -30 ft) and set it down.

7 Legged Relay

This where using jumbo bandanas comes in handy. Jumbo bandanas can be used to tie legs together, loosely, without kids getting leg burn from rope etc.

If you’re running a summer outreach program like I did for many summers, then this is a great competition game. There are several ways you can run this game.

  1. Have two people, legs tied together, and they go down to the other end of the field and pick up another person (someone there to tie their legs together). Those three go back and pick up another person, etc, until they have seven.
  2. Start with seven and put some obstacles they have to work around like going around cones or even under some rope.

Bandana Tag

Everyone puts a bandana in their pocket or tucked through a belt loop. On your go, everyone tries to snatch the bandana out of their pocket or belt loop. If playing the game with guys and girls makes your nervous, have agues round and a girls round.

2 Kinds of Trust Walks

Students need to trust each other as well as the Lord and this activity tests their faith in each other and their listening skills.

This trust walk is about listening. I have used this to teach about listening to the Holy Spirit when we are needing direction in life.

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