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31 Days of Halloween Would You Rather Questions

9 · 01 · 23

I love a good round of Would You Rather questions. As Halloween approaches, I thought about some fun would you ask you questions and decided to ask AI to give me a few more to add to my list and here are a few of the 50 total would you rather rather questions we achieved.

1. Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
2. Would you rather spend a night in a haunted house or a creepy cemetery?
3. Would you rather have a pet black cat or ghost companion?
4. Would you rather be able to fly like a witch on a broomstick or transform into a black cat?
5. Would you rather attend a costume party as Frankenstein or Barbie?
6. Would you rather explore a dark, eerie forest or a dimly lit underground tunnel?
7. Would you rather eat a bowl of worms or a handful of snake eyeballs?
8. Would you rather go trick-or-treating alone in a deserted neighborhood or with a group in a crowded area?
9. Would you rather have the ability to talk to ghosts or see into the future?
10. Would you rather have a never-ending supply of candy corn or have to eat chocolate-covered insects?
11. Would you rather spend the night in a haunted castle or a haunted ship?

If you’d like the other 39 questions, I have put together quite a bundle.

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Have an awesome and fun Halloween season and, one more would you rather for the road; Trick or Treat?

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