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Our Call and Response To Youth Ministry

7 · 01 · 13



With Mission Week over and our big fundraiser done for our youth ministry, and our week long focus on Fall Planning with guest posts by Ryan Latham,  this week is sure to be slower than last week. Time for reading an reflection.


I saw this video this morning and it jostled some thoughts about “receiving our call” .

This little girl’s reaction to her “call” is precious. Sheer joy. But what this little girls does not realize is that she is in for long hours of practice, correction, and “Do it again”.  I have to admit, when I was first called to youth ministry, I had romanticized the whole thing. I wanted the preaching and hanging our with the kids but not the meetings and the boring or painful stuff. This little girl will get her time on stage but it will cost her, but will she be as happy to be on that stage after the up-teenth performance? Maybe, if she feels really called to perform. If not, she will be miserable. Such is the calling of youth ministry.

After a few board meetings, parents meetings, and chew outs, you’ll know whether you are called or not. God calls us not only to the stage, but to the preparation for the stage. If you are not as joyful as you once were for the ministry, of serving, think of the blind man.

“Jesus stopped and said, “Call him.” So they called to the blind man, “Cheer up! On your feet! He’s calling you.”- Mark 10:49

Remember it is He who called you. Not your church or yourself.

Embrace your “call” today. Rejoice, God has called you to great things through humble actions. Jump, shout, and freak out! Jesus is calling.

Do you still rejoice over your calling?

Are you waiting for another call? What call are you waiting for?







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