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10 Songs For Your Post Mission Trip Slide Show

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I love making slideshows because the music I use is meant to have an impact. The soundtrack to our trip has multiple purposes.

  • It tells the story of our adventure.
  • It creates energy.
  • It make kids reflect on all they accomplished.
  • It sends a message that we can make a difference.
  • It inspires the audience to join us next year.

Here are some songs I recommend  this year, so far, that would work great with your post mission trip slide show or video.

Building 429 has two

Impossible and Go

I used both of these in my video below.

Ryan Stevenson – Chasing Your Heart and Give It All Away 

Nine Lashes – Love Still Shines 

Proven – Adventure

Jason Fowler – You Give Me A Reason

Newsboys – Committed 

Jordan Feliz – Live it Out 

Matthew West – World Changers


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