I can’t stand it any more. I have to say something. I am frustrated with the type of commitment I am seeing from the guys in our our youth group. I don’t even think I can blame this on theology as much as as on society. I mean really, what was the last good “Man Movie’ you saw? Consider your choices

Think about the men in these movies. They are all complete morons. They are uncommitted, drunken, sex craved deviants. This is what is shaping today’s young men’s character. We’ve made a full switch from the 80’s I grew up in where there were men in movies like:

  • Rambo
  • Dirty Harry
  • Rocky
  • Terminator

Now, these movies had their own problems in that they had too much violence, or swearing, etc. They showed guys as thugs or that we only knew one way to handle things. In their defense, it takes less energy to tone a young man down than to get him to man up. In addition, however warped some of these movies were, they seemed to esteem some man values. There were rules, justice, and even compassion. We now live in an age where men are more metro, listen to screamo, and  guy-liner. Did we have our share of deviant movies?  Oh yeah. Is my age showing? Yep. Much of this is perception, but I am deeply concerned about the new manliness that is portrayed in our culture.

In a recent seminar at YS, led by Mark Helsel, I learned that :

  1. 39% of men make up a congregation
  2. 90% of men leave the church by age 20. (some come back later and stats differ)

This being true, it burned me to the core. I went back to our church and God hatched a plan in my heart. I don’t have many basketball players in my group so I chose to take March Madness and turn into March Man-Ness. We did a full court press in man games, man messages, and all around manliness. This is a start. No dramatic changes yet. We are moving toward a Christian brotherhood that will rally around the the cause of Christ. Men love a good revolt. I’m not sure I can do a fulll “How To Get Your Boys to Man Up” session yet , but I am working on it.

Here is my March-Maness Plan , if you can glean from it, great.  Got some add on ideas? Let me know. Here’s to our young men discovering the God Man, Jesus and becoming more like Him.  Let’s Man Up!

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  1. I kind of see where you’re going, but I think you are comparing two different genres. The modern “man movies” mentioned are all comedies and the older ones are all action flicks. The 80s had plenty of sex-craved drunken deviants (Risky Business, Cheech n Chong, The Whoopee Boys, Fast Times at Ridgemont High). What about the modern movies with The Rock, or Denzel (Book of Eli)? Besides, I don’t think Rambo movies made adolescent youth more committed to church. I see where you’re going, but I think it’s a stretch. And what does a kids taste in music or fashion have to do with his ability to be a man? Now, I’m a cowboy boots n jeans kind of guy (and I even have a beard a la 80s Chuck Norris), but I’d rather my kids show love to others wearing guy liner than be a jerk in a more manly get-up. I like the concept, though. I just think to sway students to dress in a way that WE feel is more manly as part of their faith can create a slippery slope. Good thoughts, though. It got me thinking. I liked the sessions on the March ManNess. While I disagree, some, I like the overall concept. I look forward to future posts.

  2. Jason, yes, every generation has it’s movies that depict guys who are less than manly. I guess my point was that it feels like that the portrayal of men in movies today is excessively dopey. Maybe I need to do a further study of men in both generations. But, the key word I think you used were action movies. Men on a mission. Just as action hero’s defined my generation

    As for the Rock? The Tooth Fairy movie did him no favors 🙂 I’ll give you Denzel though in Book of Eli.

    As far as the music and fashion, I think there is certainly a push at the feminization of men. Tight pants etc.

    We must always keep in mind that Christ is the archetype of manliness and the second Adam. Being a Christ-like man is based in principle where maybe manliness is defined by culture. If a young man dresses with tight pants and guy liner and acts more like Christ than a guy in cowboy boots and a can of dip then more power to him.

    Thanks for the insight Jason, sketchy premises can always use better defining. 🙂

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