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Youth Workers, I Have Your Next 6 Months All Planned Out

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I have to admit. I am a little behind schedule when it comes to getting  my calendar out to parents. It was a super busy January and February has been all about nailing down the the dates. If you want to see MY calendar you are welcome to download mine HERE.  The questions is, what does your next six month look like Does it have all the elements you need to grow your group wider and deeper? Let me share a six month plan with you that will get your youth ministry headed in the right direction.


Prayer and evangelism are the one two punch for growing your youth ministry but you’ll also need passion and some resources that work. Let me recommend these resources that will cover your midweek for the the next four months.

Super Hero Outreach Night (one week)

Crazy Fan Night  (one weeks)

The Blitz (Great for summer,  eight weeks)

The Hunger and Thirst Games (four weeks)

Rivals  (three weeks)


What do you do with all these kids your reaching for Christ? Invite them to something deeper. You can use these resources for Sunday school, small groups, or midweek

S.W.E.A.T – Getting Spiritually Fit (five weeks)

Crime Scenes From The Bible  Season 1 – (four weeks)

Submerged:Taking Your Kids To The Deep End– (three weeks)

This is a total of 26 weeks and all for under $100.

Y0u’re welcome youth worker.

Have a great day.

Your Turn

What do your next 6 months look like? What’s your focus? Is it balanced?

If you are unsure about the future of your youth ministry you may want to read this series of posts starting HERE

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