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Top Ten Tuesday : My Top Ten Favorite Easter Songs

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Easter is right around the corner and I like to use music, in addition to scripture,  to reflect on what Christ has down for us. Here are my top 10 favorite Easter Songs I’ll have on cue this week.

The Easter Song By Keith Green

I love the stripped down, piano only and vocals beginning. The words are powerful and joyful.

I also enjoy 2nd Chapter of Acts version

New Again – Brad Paisley and Sarah Evans

One of our students, Danielle Blevins, did a solo Human video to this song and it was powerful. The song tells me not to trust my eyes when I see failure, mine or others because it is not the end. Just like Jesus.

He Has Risen – DeGarmo and Key

This is just joy. I love the driving drum and the happy chorus.

Were You There – Johnny Cash

That part where they say, “make me tremble”  gets me every time.

The Crucible of God (Gethsemene) Matt Papa

Power tale of the Jesus in the garden,

When I Survey The Wonderous Cross – CXVI

I love the song but the band is a new discovery for me. The whole album is excellent.

Another song by Page is Roll Away the Stone, but I cold not find a video for it. But Here is the Link to Itunes.

It Is Finished – Petra

Back to my rock and roll roots.

Communion – Third Day

Communions is when I feel closest to the Lord.

Thief – by Third Day

The Easter story told from another perspective.


What’s your favorite Easter Song(s)? Leave me a comment.

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