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Youth Ministry Round Up: Back To School Edition

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Ahhh, can you smell the pencil shavings and school bus diesel in the air? That means only one thing, back to school. I hope you all had a great summer, I know I did.

I begin my work again with First Priority, an organization that helps facilitate student-led bible clubs in school and I am kind of nervous. There’s a new principle at my school and I haven’t met them yet, but that’s going to change this week. Here’s a list of the inexpensive gift items I’m going to give her.

Aspirin – because, this is a hard job

A Journal – to reflect on her journey

Earplugs – to keep the hater noise out

Something Sweet- for those sour days

Starbucks card – for those late work nights

It’s a simple gesture, but it lets her know I care and I am praying for her. Hope it inspires you to reach out to the principals in your schools.


My summer speaking is done and I am booking for fall, so if I can serve your D-Now or Youth Retreat e-mail me at and/or visit to learn more information or you can hear why from these students below

If you’re looking to take your youth meeting and turn them into youth movements, check out my new My Youth Meeting Playbook. You can buy the physical copy here or the pdf copy here . No ideas what I’m talking about, you can watch my workshop on the resource here

SALE: There’s still time this year to plan well. The 2019 Youth Ministry Playbook still has four months left and plenty of room for you to plan to reach your goals before the end of the year. Now only $5.

Another Sale: If your do not have your fall speaking/teaching schedule planned, I have a bundle sale going. I have bundled three of my series, 14 weeks, Dear Bible, Start Again, and Transformed for only $27. Grab it now and get your Fall in motion.

I just posted the new session for my Ministry Minded Coaching group with dates and new added bonuses for signing up.

That’s it for now. I pray you have an awesome back to school bash!



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