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Youth Ministry Round Up #99

5 · 01 · 22

Youth Ministry Tweet of the Week

Youth Ministry IG Pic of the Week

Yep, no idea what’s going on here, but isn’t that every youth ministry? Pray for Oasis Youth Ministry.


Is political engagement contributing to the teen mental health crisis?

What is Heteroflexible?

Satanic School Clubs

Why Holding a Grudge Takes a Toll on Your Wellbeing

5 Strategies For Following Up Summer Spiritual Commitments


This a great video about doing things the way Jesus would do them.

Video: Don’t Think Jesus

Lots of mini games to play.

Didn’t have “Russel Brand as a voice of reason” on my bingo card, but here ya go.

Have a laugh.

Are you working with families like this?

This is a fun, get to know you kind of game.

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