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Youth Ministry Round Up #97

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Youth Ministry Tweet of the Week

Don’t give up! You’re making a difference. Thanks DJ for the reminder!


How schools and students have changed after 2 years of the pandemic (4 min listen)


Pop Culture Has Fallen Out Of Love With The Nuclear Family

Love Is Biological Bribery (worth the read for biblical comparison)

I’m a creator. You’re a creator. We’re all creators!

On TikTok, Philosophy Is Getting Edgy … or at Least Concise

Spiritual Self-Defense For Youth Pastors

I secretly saved $2,500 to leave my fundamentalist community


Some stuff you may not know about.

The Middle School kids you wish you had?

Dirty Dessert Secrets to Try With Your Students

My outdoor adventure of how to use all this church property

Sometimes, you just have to look at another youth ministry not for the ideas they offer but to appreciate the family of youth ministry we belong to. We’re in this together.

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