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Youth Ministry Round Up #94

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Resource of the week

I have Easter?Lent Bundle filled with prayer stations, Three Cups lesson, devotions, journals and more. You can check it out here.

IG Youth Ministry Pic of the Week. I remember doing this with one of my youth groups. Take every opportunity to serve.


Suicide risk and social media: is it a landmine or a lifeline?

The Lonely Crowd: Churches Dying Due to Friendlessness

Tough Kids: 3 Things When You’ve Tried Everything

Dealing with Pre-Youth Group Anxiety

Youth Ministry and Liminal Spaces


You don’t have to grow but if you’re going to grow, this is good advice.

Five minutes of cringe from a channel with 25 mil. subscribers. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Your students (and maybe you) need the encouragement of this song.

Somebody has been spying on my youth camps

4 Pros and Cons

Would make a great lesson on judging others. Let students make their guesses after the introductions.

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