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Youth Ministry Round Up #92

1 · 09 · 22

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Youth Ministry Photo of the Week

This is Bishop Desmond Tutu. His last request was to buried in a plain, pine, box. This is a great example of humility and a final statement from a man who accomplished so much.


Faith-Based Apps Attract $175.3 Million As Worshipers Desert Churches

‘Sober curious’ Millennials and Gen Z are driving a ‘Dry January’ comeback

‘Spilling the Tea,’ the Cyberbullying Tactic Plaguing Schools, Parents and Students

Suggestions for addressing LGBTQ issues in your youth ministry

How To Get The Most Out Of Youth Sunday School

The Six I’s of Reaching Gen Z

My Top 10 Most Listened To Podcast Episodes Of 2021

The Youth Pastor’s Guide To Getting Your Youth Ministry In Order


So much of this hits.

Great video for a talk on peer pressure. Clean.

Info you could glean for parents

A variation on a game video I shared last time

Fun Dice Game!

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