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Youth Ministry Round Up #91

12 · 26 · 21

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Twitter YM Pic of the Week- Pray for GBC Youth Ministry


Billie Eilish Began Watching Porn at 11, Says It “Destroyed My Brain”

How To Know What You Really Want

The Youth Pastor’ Guide To Getting Your Youth Ministry In Order

Helping Teens Fall In Love With A Familiar God

How To Plan A Church Youth Program In 7 Easy Steps

Seven Youth Ministry Event Strategies To Get Students Signed Up


So Meta.

Great video to start a discussion on what can be done for for those in poverty and the homeless.

Birds Aren’t Real? Gen Z thinks so.

My new show Coaches Corner, where I answer three youth ministry questions. Have a question you’d like me to answer, drop it to me at

When the Youth Ministry Worship Falls Flat 👈 good advice alert

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