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The Youth Ministry Round Up #9

5 · 04 · 18

May the 4th Be With You!

Youth Ministry Round Up has been a great new format to get you all the stuff you want/need in one place. I think it best describe what I am trying to do for all of you. Create and round up the best stuff so you can continue to make life long follower of Jesus.


The only thing worse than being tone deaf, is being Spirit deaf. Preachers, be aware of your congregations needs and not just your need to preach.

— Paul Turner (@PaulTurnerToo) April 29, 2018


How Much Are The Elements In Your Body Worth? 

Christian College Student Sang ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Before She Was Shot Dead in Waffle House

Evernote for Youth Ministry: Receipts 

12 Wendell Berry Quotes That Will Give You A Fresh Perspective


A Crafty Gift for the Christian Teens

If you are looking to talk about value, start with your own body. As a follow up, check out the article above.

Youth Ministry and Social Media Strategy

VBS Project or Just For Fun!


Emily Finch decided to buy a double decker bus with her savings, to run youth work for churches.
Emily shows her #FaithInAction every time she parks up her bus and opens the doors to young people, how do you live out yours?

— The Church of England (@c_of_e) April 30, 2018

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