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Youth Ministry Round Up #89

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Resource of The Week

Youth Ministry Coaching – Were you happy with your ministry performance in 2021? If not, lets make 2022 all it can be through one on one coaching. Two 90 minutes sessions a month to work on projects, process, growing your group and growing yourself. Click the image for more information.

Youth Ministry IG Of The Week

Here’s to more group selfies in 2022!! Pray for Crave youth ministry.


Need to make tough decision? Use the 5 minute “Ladder Rule”

Why The Church Is Failing In Three Quotes

Expanding Your View of Youth Ministry

Real vs Fake Relationships

Youth Ministry Budget: Creating A Workable Plan

Why America Has A School Bus Driver Shortage

Overload: Is There Too Much Culture?


I don’t recommend breaking furniture, but everything else seems permissible 😂

This is not how Baptism works, right?

Possible Game Title: Flippin’ Christmas

This movie looks insightful

These guys have it going on!

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