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Youth Ministry Round Up #86

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Tweet of the Week

Yes, I’m using one of my Tweets as a Tweet of the Week, but I’m not posting my tweet to say, “look how awesome I am!”; I just couldn’t find anyone else using this quote.

Regardless of what you think about Dave Chapelle, this one quote is worth pondering. Twitter, and every other social media platform, is not a real place. It’s not place you move to. It’s not a place you live. It’s not a place you make real friends.

Social media does not define you.

Take time, if you can, to get back to a real place, with real people who love you, understand you and support you because social media is not a real place.


Would Plato tweet? The Ancient Greek guide to social media

The 10 Rules for Salary Negotiation

How Lil Nas X Mastered the Modern Art of Attention

OMGoodness!! Could this game be any easier?

A Generation of American Men Give Up On College: “I Just Feel Lost”


These games are so easy, you have to play them.

When did you learn about sex?

If you’re a 90’s kid, you might remember Orlando Brown, from That’s So Raven, Phil of the Future, The Proud Family or Major Payne. When young stars fall off and get into trouble, the media loves to film the train wreck; but, if something good happens to them, there’s no story. Orlando was delivered from drugs and accepted Christ. I think that’s something to take note of and celebrate. Good for you Orlando! Here’s his testimony video.

My Interview with Dr. David Odom from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary on the Three Arenas Of Youth Ministry.

Have you ever wondered about this? This guy has the answers.

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