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Youth Ministry Round Up #83

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If you’re new here, welcome. A few years ago I wrote a book called The Disciple Project: Raising Up A New Generation of Doers. If you asked me then why the book was important, I would have said, “because the church does a bad job of connecting, following up and investing in new believers.” Sadly, this has not changed neither in adults or in youth ministry.

If you ask me today why the book is important, I can’t think of a better answer. Youth Pastor’s have to do a better job of connecting education and learning.

Eduction is you teaching the Bible.

Learning is doing the Bible together.

Take a look at The Disciple Project for yourselves and ask, “Are my students’ connecting their belief in God with what it means to follow Jesus?”

If the answer is no, then The Disciple Project may be for you?


“I was not raised in a religion, but when I went outside I could see God in this way that was really big for me…When you’ve been the architect of your universe for close to a decade, it’s easy to think you’re central.” – Lorde on her new album Solar Power

Sunday Times

“The struggle is part of your legacy.”

Charles Barkley

My normal is good enough so I don’t need to do anything more or anything less — I just need to do what I usually do – Suni Lee

Olympic Gold Medal Winner Suni Lee


3D Review of Olivia Rodrigo’s good 4 u

Parent’s Perspective: A Mom’s Love/Hate With “Fall.”

If You’re Going To Stay In Youth Ministry, You Need To Know This

You’re Not Supposed To Know Everything About Youth

New Five Week Series: Live.Breath.Be

Free Resources

The Youth Pastor’s Guide To Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings


What Are You Living For?


Interesting conversation about Christian Hip Hop, Teens and Outgrowing the Faith.

This is a hot new show about teens on the reservation. It’s everything you think it is.

I love this video so much, for these reasons 1) the “youth pastor” is not who you would expect 2) simplicity 3) authentic Youth Ministry does’t have to “look” cool to be cool or to please God.

Is it time to introduce yourself or reintroduce yourself to your youth ministry parents? Warren does an excellent job of this as well as spelling out the plans for the youth ministry.

How To Successfully Inject A Theme Into Your Youth Ministry Calendar

Shang Chi: The Mandarin Explained | Comics Explained

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