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Youth Ministry Round Up #80

7 · 07 · 21

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Youth Ministry of The Week: The Edge. This looks like fun! Pray for The Edge of Kauai, Hawaii.


Young American Adults Are Dying — and Not Just From Covid

America’s Workers Are Exhausted and Burned Out

Have You Been Bullied? Real Stories.

The Hidden Danger of Replacing Youth Ministry With Family Ministry

How Do I Lead A Youth Ministry Band Well?


Yes, you want to play this game but make sure

a) the wall you put these balloons on can be destroyed


b) make sure you pick items that kids will throw that will not destroy the wall you’re not allowed to destroy.

Do any of your students want to be e-sport heroes? Heres what it takes.

Great interview with Jordan, National Director of Alpha Youth

The Honest Youth Pastor answers 14 important questions about youth ministry.

Great template for a parent meeting

Easy. Fun. Cheap.

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