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Youth Ministry Round Up #78

6 · 02 · 21

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IG Youth Ministry of the Week. God at work in the locker room. Pray for Blake Edwards.


Rapper, Lil’ Loaded dies at the age of 20. Based on his last IG story it looks like suicide. This could make for a good discussion on the topic of suicide, hopelessness, etc.

Demi identifies as non-binary, changes personal pronouns to they/them. Do your students care?


Stop Asking This About Your Sermon

The Surprising Way the Bible Relates To Your Hobbies

Ministering To Teens and Parents In A Post Pandemic World

Interview With Olivia Rodrigo

Cheating at School Is Easier Than Ever—and It’s Rampant


Small Group Idea: Show this video and ask your kids, how would you help this girl?

Away on a trip, in hotel, with students? Got you covered. (I think this is a fabric Frisbee of some kind at the end)

 Making Faith a Priority – Could be a great lead in discussion video on priorities.

Asexual Definition: not involving sexual activity, feelings, or associations; nonsexual.

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