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Youth Ministry Round Up #64

11 · 02 · 20

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The Biblical view of things is resurrection – not a future that is just a consolation for the life we never had but a restoration of the life you always wanted – The Reason For God @timkellernyc

Every student needs a responsive adult, but they also need a demanding adult to pull the very best out of them. @TimElmore

An immature person pursues a PhD in others’ sins while settling for a GED grasp of their own. @MattSmethurst

Student: Can I walk around the room and slap everyone?
Me: Thanks for asking but no. @carlyepants


Storytelling Can Make or Break Your Leadership

Is It OK to Reveal Your Anxiety or Depression to Your Boss?

TikTok Is More Popular Than Instagram Among US Teens, Study Finds

The Hosts Of ‘Teenager Therapy’ Want To Help You Feel Less Alone

Teen Disengagement On The Rise


Dunk Contest – Andy Mineo

Karen Support Group

How To Triple Your Social Media Engagement On Instagram

Only 11 Days Left For You To Get In On The 2021 Playbook Pre-Sale Offer. See what’s all inside.

Game Tip and Croissant Challenge

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