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Youth Ministry Round Up #37

7 · 24 · 19

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Happy Wednesday Everyone!

If you’re having a meeting tonight I hope your stoked for it! I hope it’s planned out with some awesome games, a killer worship time and a message that will transform lives.

But, if even if you have none of that and you and your students gather, sing a couple of songs, share a bible passage and pray together, God is equally honored. Don’t judge yourself harshly because of what toys or tools you have or don’t have or what you can do based how many people you have.

If you give your kids an chance to love God and love each other, you’ve used your time wisely and your meeting is a win!

If you’re new to youth ministry and you’d like more help in planning an impactful meeting, finding it’s purpose and putting some WOW! in along the way, I have a new resource for you called My Meeting Playbook.

In the book, I give you 52 meeting planning sheets and over a dozen articles which walk you through each piece of the meeting to give you clarity and confidence.

You can grab your copy by clicking the book cover below or, if you need more convincing, watch the video below.

Turn Your Meetings Into A Movement

There’s only four spots left in the Ministry Minded Coaching group. If you want to go into fall full of confidence, get signed up and let’s do this!

Have a greet week everyone!


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