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Youth Ministry Round Up #32

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Hey everyone!

I had a major issue with my website this weekend and it deleted the last few posts I made, one of which was this issues Round Up. So, I apologize for the sparseness of this issue, and will make it up to you in the next one.

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and you are now following up with all those who receive Christ one the big weekend. Speaking of following up, I wanted to share a few new resources I’ve created to help with the discipleship process.

Summer fast approaches and kids will be flung to the wind. Before football camp, cheer camp and family vacations make our youth ministries look like Thanos snapped his fingers, why not put this 14 day Bible Study about God’s power and provision in their hands.

Tell your students you’d like to see them grow this summer and then place this study in their hands. Tell them you’ll be checking in with them from time to time to see how its going. In fact, you could tell them that if they can show you, at the end of the summer, that they did the whole study, you’ll knock $10 off their fall retreat. Just an idea.

This also makes for a great follow up to your camp. Purchase once, make as many copies as you like. Grab it here.

Are you looking for something more long term? A discipleship track for your kids to get on? I put together the studies so students would have a full perspective on what Jesus was looking for out those who followed him.

These five books each have five studies, using the S.O.A.P Study method, on the five characteristics Jesus said would mark his followers and include Love, Humility, Holiness, Perseverance and Action. These would be great to use

  • in small groups
  • as follow up for new believers
  • for leadership training

25 total studies in all and now, for a limited time, if you buy the Follow 5 pack I am throwing in the Summer S.O.A.P for free. Grab the whole set here.


Just like church.

Are you making day to day disciples or lifetime disciples?

If you still need a spoiler free review, I got you.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Why? Because its the cheapest place to take a student to eat, am I right?

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