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Youth Ministry Round Up #18

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Hey Round Up Reader,

I listened to a podcast called Six Pixels of Separation. One of the things I love about this podcast is that the host, Mitch Joel, starts the podcast with “who are you and what do you do?”.
Mitch uses no fancy roll in or hype machine to build up the guest he will be interviewing. Mitch allows the guest to explain it themselves.
In my current role, it can be hard to explain to people, you guys included, as to what I do. Before I retired from vocational youth pastoring I could tell people I was a Pastor and most people, even the irreligious, understood what that meant.
Do people know who you are or what you do? Is it easy to explain? Can it be summed up in one sentence? I am always struggling to clarify, to everyone it seems, what I do.
Yes, I write, so I am a writer and author of books and curriculum.
Yes, I speak, to churches, youth groups, camps, so I am a speaker/preacher
Yes, I help youth workers develop disciple building youth ministries so I am a strategist and coach.
But, it’s the why that makes any of this worth doing and hard to leave (which I have thought about many times)
I have a website, I write posts, I have a podcast, I do videos on YouTube for one reason ; so there will be a future church filled with students who are lifelong followers of Jesus.
This long-ish note is not just to remind you why I do this, but a reminder to me as well. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of why we do what we do.
This is hard work and not the same as a nine to five. It has unique challenges, like, how do I support my family and build up infrastructure to benefit other youth workers.
If you get where I’m coming from, God Bless You! I’m not sure I get it, sometimes.
If you know me, like me and receive benefit from what I do, I have a link below where you can support me  
Your support will:
  • Help me coach youth workers who can’t afford it (maybe like you)
  • Give away free materials
  • Develop workshops and conferences
  • Sublimate speaking engagements to youth groups (most youth ministries, can only offer $100 at best)
And many other great things.
If you can help, great!
If your can’t, no guilt, but please add me to your prayers.
Here’s the link: 
Let me know how I can serve you, your church or youth ministry.

Changing a mind is different than having an argument. Persuasion takes patience, skill and insight, not force. @SethGodinBlog

— Paul Turner (@PaulTurnerToo) October 8, 2018

The greatest enemy of of thinking critically is an overcrowded shedule @clayscroggins

— Paul Turner (@PaulTurnerToo) October 5, 2018

Videos This would be a good video to use with upper high school or young adults.  A new version of Reckless Love for some people to hate Sermon Illustration  You could make a video of youth group kids reacting to college kids reacting to NF Youth Ministry Tip: Stop Comparing and Start Cooking!

Don’t stop believing. Just don’t.


What Happened To National Youth Ministries? 

Teens are Constantly Being Bullied On Instagram 

Dear Parents of Teens: Five Reasons To Keep Your Kids In Youth Group

Shine A Light  Five weeks of lessons geared around being the Light of the World, starting with a spark. (see video above)
Soul Wars Help your students win the war within with this four week series which is flavored by those movies with Wookies and Princesses.
Fast Break Leadership – Five Devotions To Take Christ To The Court
Are you hosting a basketball camp at your Christian School or through Fellowship of Christian Athletes? Maybe you you just want to connect your love of basketball with your desire for kids to be leaders. Whichever it may be, the five devotions will give you plenty to talk about with your players. Each devotion has quotes, a devotion and a place for students to write their thoughts. There’s also a notes page and a signature page where kids can write encouraging notes to each other.  

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