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Youth Ministry Round Up #131

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Parents are using AirTags to track kids and give them freedom

My Ai Lover (a look loneliness and ai)

Is posting on social without consent immoral?


How To Lead Those Who Feel Left Behind

Ministering To Students Who Aren’t Showing Up

Pew Research on Believing What I Believe

4 Reasons Your Youth Room Needs More Pictures

Rethinking Our Approach to Youth Ministry Outreach


What If We Had a 15-Minute City for Friendship? (A reminder that you need friends too)

Treat Yourself

Youth Ministry 101: A Healthy Youth Leader

Study finds 8 habits that can lengthen your life.


8-year-old competed solo — and won 1st place

How PEZ Evolved From an Anti-Smoking Tool to a Beloved Collector’s Item


What are you giving your volunteers?

If you’re looking for a little evidence

Spike Ball is great but it can be used for other type games and team building

I love watching young people around the world serve Jesus. (Warning, people of a certain age may get flashbacks)

This is well done. Great for a bible study or discussion.



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