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Youth Ministry Round Up #11

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News: In 60 days I will no longer be a full time youth pastor. I have mixed feelings about it. It’s hard to leave, but I know God is leading me to spend more time ministering to awesome people like you.

If you’re at all interested in supporting my efforts, you can leave a tip here or shop my store.

I am looking to book the rest of this year in the next 60 days.

  • come and speak to your youth ministry
  • train your volunteers
  • do an epic game night
  • speak at your retreat or camp
  • do student leadership training
  • Write custom devotions or curriculum
  • Heck, I’d even come and shoot pics and videos for your event, and make a killer vide or slide show to boot

If you’re interested, shoot an email to

Thanks all!



🌇 7 Ways to Get Good at Saying No

⌛ Test every opportunity
🗣 Make auto-response that says no for you
🤝 Only attend meetings with clear purpose
🤷 Hire someone to say no for you
🕙 Stick to the schedule
🏢 Work in uninterrupted blocks
👎 Practice turning people down

— Larry Kim (@larrykim) May 13, 2018

I expand on this quote in the video section


Twitter Moment Sante Fe Shooting 

Three Church Methods That Must Change

Why Are Nerds So Mother-Table-Flipping Miserable All The Time?

How To Sell The Problem Before Selling The Solution 


Jumpstart Student Discipleship

Why You Should Kill Something That Isn’t Working 

I Resigned, Now What 


40 Days through Psalm 119 Vol 1 and 2 (Digital Download)


Disproportionate Attention Young People Is The Key

The Difference Between Gun Y and Get Z. Do you Agree?

Really good thoughts here

Soap Hockey

7 Ways To Say No Livestream

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