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Youth Ministry Round Up #106

10 · 09 · 22

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Youth Ministry IG PIC of the Week

We’ve all been there.

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YM Tweet of the Week


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Should You Use Incentives in Youth Ministry? 

Heisman Winning Quarterback on Discipleship

Teens, Social Media and Technology 2022

My Mom Has No Friends

I am including ☝️ article because, first, it’s a really good article. Second, because I am wondering how this article can inspire our teens to minister to the elderly in our church and community.

How Pop Culture Explains The World

Is Social Media Making Us Stupid?

Your Career Is Just One-Eighth of Your Life


Get inspired: Great youth group welcome video.

Have you seen my new website? Let me give you a tour.

Some of these you can definitely do.

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Being Honest About My Youth Ministry

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