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It is the eve before my 45th birthday and I felt it was time for a little navel gazing. I started to think about what kind of blogger I am. Specifically, what kind of youth ministry blogger am I.

There are lots of good youth ministry bloggers like

Adam McClane

Rachel Blom’s Youth Leader Academy

Tim Schmoyer’s Life in Student Ministry

Matt Lawson and #RevolutionSpeaks

All of them have their own flavor. I don’t know my flavor yet. Maybe I’m cherry or rocky road.

I’m most likely a mico-blogger. I deal with the basics and the details of youth ministry. The stuff required to reach and disciple kids with the good news of Jesus. Occasionally I will have a macro-thought, high and lofty. But, for the most part, I’d like to think of myself as a blue collar youth worker. I want to talk about what works. More times than not I have met youth workers whose jobs were at stake because of micro issues: numbers, programming, how they were or were not doing something or how they could do something better.

I don’t know exactly what kind of blogger I am, but I’m glad I broke through the resistance to write, to dream, and to serve you.

Do you blog? What’s your flavor?

What’s your favorite blog? (Other than this one of course)

What kind of blogs do you like?


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