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Until It Happens To You

5 · 02 · 11


When a shift happens in someone’s life, we think, that’s too bad, until it happens to us.

When chaos is the current reality of someone’s life, we think, that’s too bad, until it happens to us.

Well, it’s happened to me. The stories I once saw on the news of churches being wiped out is now my reality. For those who may have been hiding in a bunker for the past few days, Alabama was struck with devastating tornadoes. I am youth pastor in a town called Pleasant Grove. Our church, along with much of the town, was leveled.  I have taken the past few days to process these thoughts, the things I’ve heard and seen. It seems I have more questions still than answers.

  • What will happen to this town?
  • What will happen to our church
  • Will people move or rebuild?
  • Will I even have a youth group after all this?

The questions remains, but I know God has the answers, and they will unfold in due time. We may think going into a town and working is exciting, even thrilling until it happens to us, Until it’s our town that is destroyed. Until it happens to us, we really don’t get the magnitude of the situation. I mean, yes, there is destruction on a massive scale, but it is the quiet, unsettling questions that keep you up late and wake you up early.

We don’t realize how helpless we are until it happens to us.

We don’t realize how many friends we have until it happens to us.

We don’t realize how spiritual or unspiritual we are until it happens to us.

The most important thought may be, we don’t understand what kind of God we serve, until it happens to us.

Please keep Pleasant Grove, Al. , Pleasant Grove Assembly, and all the other towns who are hurting. More to come.

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