I was reading about Ahmed, the 14 year old boy who built a clock and was accused of building a bomb, and felt bad for all those involved. People were quick to judge Ahmed and then we were quick to judge those who judged Ahmed; the teacher, the police officers, etc. I have said things like:

Those teachers should have…

The police officers should have….

When, in realty, we may should have said, people should have….

People are not titles. People have titles and are governed by laws, rules, and policies. People are also immensely flawed.

I have met many people who thought I should make a decision based on my title rather than on my character. My title only gives me permission or authority to make a decision. The title doesn’t help me make better decisions. My title does not make me an authority on any issue.

People say thing like “They’re a ___(pick a title)_____ they should ____________”

In Ahmed’s case

I don’t fault police officers for doing their job.

I don’t fault teachers for doing their job.

I fault people for not using enough wisdom to get to the bottom of an issue, before making decisions,  thereby making the issue bigger.

When anyone makes a bad decision we should not put the blame on the title but on the character of the one who wears the title.

Not all teachers are mean.

Not all police officers are racist.

Not all priests are pedophiles.

Not all pastors are egomaniacs.

Not all youth pastors are lazy, hipsters, or have beards/goatees.

Our titles should neither indict us or excuse us. Our character gives our titles the credibility they deserve or don’t deserve.

As youth workers, let’s make sure our character brings honor to our title and that adopting the title of Christian brings glory to God.

It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles. – Niccolo Machiavelli
Your Turn

How often do you make a decision because your title says you should make this decision?

How often have you said  “That person is a _________________ they should know better?”



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