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Six Super Q-Tip Games For Youth Ministry

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Thanks for stopping by to check out these cool games. This post is part of my 16 Game Supplies Every Youth Ministry Must Have series. Be sure to visit and check out the other 15.

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These games have the potential for a great theme night around

  • hearing God
  • clearing the junk out of our ears (media messages, gossip etc)
  • listening to correction. advice, etc.

There are some great videos on youtube about crazy things found in people’s ears like this one

I hope you enjoy the games below. Just so you know, I am an Amazon Affiliate and anything you purchase from the links below supports this website and Disciple Project Ministries. Thanks.

Q-Tip War

Divide your group into team of two or four and place tape on the ground to create boundaries. Give each team 300 q-tips and straws and on your go, students will shoot their q-tips into the other area(s). Give the group 2 minutes on the clock. When time is up, count the number in each area and he the team with the least, wins.

Q-Tip Clean Up

First, spread a few thousand q-tips on the floor of your gym, fellowship hall or anywhere there is a smooth surface (Go big or go home I say) Next, using press and seal , wrap each student around the torso and have them stand around the gym or hall until you give the word.

On your word, students get down and begin to roll around to pick up the q-tips. Once all the q-tips are up, have students count how many q-tips they have.

This can be an individual game or a team game.

Cup Shooting Game

Place two colors of plastic cups (big or small or a combo) on a board between two chairs. Have students sit about 3-4 ft from the cups. On your go, kids start trying to knock off the cups by shooting their q-tips at them. First to knock off all their cups, wins

Human Q-Tip Race

Teams compete to create a human q-tip using trash bags, plastic wrap and shaving cream. This is a good up front game.

Q-Tip Darts Challenge

This is a great two person team game. Divide your group into two’s and give them each a shirt that looks like a dart boards with different point circles. You’ll have to create these before hand to save time but they are simple to make.

Next, have two different kinds of food coloring available, blue and red. The first person dips each of their q-tips (10) into the red food coloring and shoots them. After they are done shooting, count up the points.

After the first person is done, have them switch and the new student will use blue food coloring to fire their q-tips.

Q-Tip Beard

Give teams of four 300 cue tips and a jar of petroleum jelly. One student volunteers to be the one to be bearded. Have each team put a gentle amount of petroleum jelly on the volunteer and on your go, they try and see how many of the q-tips they can stick to their face and make some kind of beard.

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