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Ministry, Money and Side Hustles

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Some episodes you just have to let roll, and this is one of those episodes. My guest Jason Mayfield and I talk about money, ministry and side hustles because many youth workers do not make a fair wage for their labor. You could use a few extra bucks in your pocket and we want to give you some ideas for that.

Jason is a minister, and entrepreneur and a Youtuber and has some great thoughts about being a professional and using what gifts and talents God has already given you make money on the side.

Among other ideas, Jason makes the suggestion of MLM’s (Multi Level Marketing) as a possible money maker, but he offers some serious advice about doing it. Jason is involved in an MLM but does not mention what it is and doesn’t pitch to click a link, etc.

I am not part of an MLM and that is just my personal choice, I have plenty of friends who are so there’s no judgment from me. You do what is comfortable for you.

Because we went a full hour, and we took some rabbit trails here and there, here’s a guide to help you get where you want to go in case you don’t have an hour. I also recommend listening on 1 1/2x speed if you want a quick listen

0-6:00 Interview qualifier and my coaching session coming up

6:01- 12:49 Jason’s Testimony and Background

12:50 – 21:00 Jason’s 75 day challenge that helped him turn things around

21:01- 25:26 Wisdom bombs start dropping about ministry and jobs

25:27-38:00 Life, family and money, how to budget, and how to negotiate your salary

38:01-60:00 Developing multiple streams of income to alleviate financial difficulty.

Here are the links to all the ways you can connect with Jason

@thejasonmayfield on Instagram

Jason Mayfield podcast

Jason’s Youtube Channel

If you’re wanting to sign up for the Ministry Minded Coaching, head here to the sign up.

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