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Is Your Mission Big Enough?

12 · 02 · 17

This is the third post in my series about evaluating your youth ministry volunteers. If you do not happen to have a team, this would be great questions to ask yourself if you feel your own commitment slacking.

Small church youth ministries struggle because the mission isn’t big enough not only to keep kids engaged, but to keep kids growing. I find this also to be true with volunteers whose commitment is waning.

This is not only a question for my volunteers but for me as well as I set the pace for our youth ministry, Posing the question to my volunteers may be the key to finding our where I need to broaden their vision as to the importance of why they are there.

This personal mission statement may reveal new roles and responsibilities I need to create which give them a greater satisfaction and a greater sense of purpose.

I may start with the question: What do you believe your personal mission is when you walk into the youth room? My guess is, non one has one, which means I need to help them craft one. This may be taken care of in one of our month LIFT meetings.

I will ask our volunteers to prayerfully consider what their personal mission and, once that is established, ask them how that fits into the overall scheme of things. It will be interesting to hear the answers but here are some that may come to their mind

To help you help the youth

To help kids find Jesus

To do whatever you ask of me

Now, I’m giving the basest of answers, they could surprise me and I will let you know if they do.

Once we have cemented personal missions of each of the volunteers, I may ask our students to do the same.

My mission has been the same for 28 years: Create an atmosphere where student can find and serve Jesus. What’s your mission?

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