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If I Can’t Push You, I Can’t Pastor You

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Push sounds like a harsh word, but considering how this applies

A coach pushes athletes to do their best

A boss pushes an employee out of their comfort zone

A teacher pushes a student to open their mind to new learning

Pushing isn’t wrong. Pushing is only wrong if it violates the boundaries of safety (physical, emotional, or spiritual) or respect. Jesus did not push his disciples past these boundaries.

In fact, He did quite the opposite, He pushed them to have faith in Him and in themselves. How else were they going to grow without a push?

Jesus told the disciples that they should feed the 5,000

Jesus bid Peter to come to Him on the water

Jesus told his disciples to go and cast out demons and raise the dead in His name

Jesus told the lame to rise up

If I am going to Pastor someone, I must lead them into dangerous territory; dangerous to their flesh, their pride, and their ego. They’ll have to trust me that I will not endanger them and I will not embarress them.

Pushing is not shoving. A shove is a violent act. A push can be a gentle nudge.

New believers, static believers, and even rebellious believers need the occasional push (challenge) in the right direction.

I won’t push forever. I’ll only keep pushing until you learn to respond to the nudge of the Spirit. Until then, I’ll  keep pushing.

Who are you pushing?

Who needs a push?

Who’s pushing you?

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