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Help! I’m Stuck and Nothing Is Working!

4 · 05 · 11


I recently had to postpone 2 events in the past two months because the sign up was not good. These were traditional events. a lock-in and a D-Now (Disciple Now). Students had helped plan both, but did not sign up. It makes a youth worker shake his head and question everything. Don’t. It’s the new normal.

Everything is optional to students. Music, events, faith. So, what is a youth worker to do? I have a few ideas, but I know what I am not going to do:

  • Freak Out– I’ve seen this before, not as bad, but I have, and you have too. You can handle it.
  • Check Out– Quitting is not an option, because the same youth group exists across town and across the nation. Same spirit, different faces.

What I am going to do:

  • Reach Out- I am going to start a new dialogue with parents, students, and the church, we’ll see what happens
  • Stick It Out– Students see enough adults a.k.a parents, who leave when times are tough. Kids are watching how we handle the tough times, and it may be the greater lesson.

Are you facing something similar? Don’t be like Job, sitting in an ash pile, scraping your wounds with pottery shards. Be like Paul, who was struck blind, clueless. He had to swallow his pride and allow the forces to lead him to someone who could help. Sometimes, we need to submit to the forces around us, when we have trouble leading ourselves. Don’t fight a rip tide, swim parallel until you are out of it.

I am swimming parallel in the Spirit this week, praying and fasting, relying on God to lead me, rather than myself. Do you have a similar situation?  Let me know your story. Pray for me and I will pray for you.

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