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Four Keys To Goal Setting

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I had the privilege of talking with my friend and co-author of Prepared For Impact Ryan Latham. Ryan shares a chapter he wrote in the book on goal setting and it is fire if you’re wanting to set some goals for your youth ministry this year.

You can pick up the book Prepared For Impact here

You can contact Ryan here

Hitting your target: Know what you’re aiming at

What are your goals this year?

Write it down

“Write down the revelation

and make it plain on tablets

so that a herald[b] may run with it. Habakukk 2:2

Be specific

Example: I need more youth leaders?

Describe your perfect youth leader?

Aim Small Miss Small

By narrowing down our goals, as specifically as we can, we reduce the risk of missing those goals.

Write your prayer for this kind of youth leader

Make your target shareable. Pass it on so others can pass it on.

Start somewhere and mold as you go.

So Many Targets: Planning Events

Why does the event exist?

Write three of your events below and why they exist

Kids don’t sign up, they get signed up.

Find ways to build momentum. Reward early sign up.

Know which hills to die on. Cancel stuff that’s not worth your time and energy.

What is your ROI (Return in Investment)

Which of your events has the highest ROI?

Which of your event has the lowest ROI?

How far in advance do you plan? One month? Three months? Six months? One Year?

Take one high ROI event and make a list of every detail you need to make it the best it can be.

Moving Targets: Aligning Your Activities With Your Goals

Write down one of your goals for the year

Which actives do you have planned that are aligned with that goal?

Which activities do not correspond to any of your goals? Why are you doing it?

Draw four buckets and write one value of your youth ministry on each (evangelism, community, etc.) and make a list of activities that fit in each bucket (write them underneath)

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