The Base vs Swing Voters: Three Things I Learned About Outreach In Small Churches

I used to be a political junkie, so when I hear pundits talking about the upcoming elections I listen through my special youth ministry headset. That is what sparked this latest post. The question posed was “Should the politician go after the base or the swing voters to get elected?”. In my first two youth ministries,…

Submerged:How Deep Is Your Youth Ministry?

Would you like to find out how deep your youth ministry is when it comes to disciple making? Submerged Sessions are meant to show you and your students where everyone is at tin the pool. It will show you who's in the shallow end, waist deep, neck deep and submerged/ More importantly, it lays out a process for how to get you kids from the kiddie pool to the deep end of faith. 

Lessons include 

  • messages and slides
  • pool simulation/illustration instructions
  • graphics