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Faith As Performance Art

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If we believe we have a youth group full of artist then displaying their faith is a form of performance art. I know we are put off by the word performance, but don’t be. When we preach we perform. We use props, music, all the things that can be involved in performance art to transfer a concept.

Consider Ezekiel, who publicly baked bread with human dung ( Ezekiel 4:12). all for the purpose of showing Jerusalem their future. Now, we won’t be asking any of our students to do something so graphic, they could probably find that Youtube anyway, but we can set the stage for kids to perform their faith.

Think of all the qualities it takes to do performance art: guts, courage, self confidence, faith, and a desire to share that art with others. All of these qualities are the same in the faith realm. Take a look at this lady, she is cutting onions on a train.

Yes, it’s strange, but isn’t that what others think of our kids when they go to a foreign country and do street drama with no words to relay a concept?

Living our faith is not a have to, but we sure make it sound that way sometimes. Instead, let’s change the idea of sharing our faith as scary, law keeping to joyful art sharing. If we change the way kids look at faith, maybe they won’t mind sharing their art with others as much.


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