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Creating A Messy Obstacle Course On The Cheap

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We recently had a Messy Night at youth going along with our TRIBES program. The best game of the night was our epic Slop-sticle Course. Here’s the break down

Station #1  Kids fish gummy worms out of kiddie pool filled with kool aid and oats.


Station #2  Kid belly flops into the pool and then crawls under some ropes, tied between chairs, while baking soda is poured over them

DSC_0037 (1)

Station #3 Kid crawls through a garbage bag filled with Mayo, Ketchup, Mustard and any other goodie you can think of.


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Station #4 Two kid sit in chairs. One kid puts whip cream on the face of the other and then throws popcorn, cheetos, or some other light chip at their face. I put a bag of 20 pieces on the chair and 10 must stick before they move on.


Station #5 Manwhich Mouth. Kids empty a bowl of Manwich Sloppy Joe mix, with their mouth, onto a bun. They have to empty the whole bowl before moving on.


Station #5 Puzzle. Two kids put together a 24-48 piece puzzle. I went to high and got 100 pices puzzles and that station took too long.



Kool Aid (4 small containers)

Oats (2 generic containers)

Baking Soda (8 small boxes, usually under 60 cents each)

4 jars of Mayo (generic are around $2.50 each)

Cheetos ($3 a bag, cheaper if you go generic)

Whip Cream ( about $2.50 each)

Manwhich ( 2 medium sized cans and four bowls)

Puzzles ($1 each at the Dollar Store)

In total I spent under $60.

You can watch the video of the how the course went below. Don’t forget to subscribe!

You can also listen to me talk it through on this video

I thank all my friends for offering all their ideas that made this course epically messy. Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts below.

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