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A Resurrection Prayer

4 · 09 · 23

It hit me on Saturday. On the day between death and resurrection, anger, disappointment and desperation. For those who may not know, I deal with anxiety and depression and Saturday felt like a day in grave. I didn’t bother to shave or shower.

My heart was desperate to rise and maybe yours is too.

This my prayer for all of us who have those grave days and long for resurrection in every part of our lives.

Father, the stone is cold. The spices are old.

Why is resurrection taking so long? Three days? Three years? Thirty years?

How long o’ Lord, how long?

How long until the angel comes and moves the stone?

I want, no, I need a resurrection.

I’m tired of pacing inside this tomb. Tired of waiting.

I need daylight. I need fresh air.

I long to hear your voice like Lazarus.

I long for life 360. Life in my me, my church and my youth ministry.

Raise up that young woman bound in the darkness of her past.

Raise up that young man trapped in hopelessness.

Raise up my pastor. Raise up my church. Raise up my youth ministry.

Raise up me.

Turn my Saturday into Sunday. In your time.

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