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9 Teen Movies To Remind You Why You Minister To Teenagers

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I love movies. I love movie about teenagers because they remind me why I wanted to minister to teenagers in the first place. These movies range from the 80’s to 2018, but regardless of the year, they are timeless in their portrayal of kids just trying to grow up.

The Breakfast Club  1985 – They need empathy

Napoleon Dynamite  2004 – They need role models

Scott Pilgrim  2010 – They need empowerment

Eighth Grade  2018 – They need encouragement

17 Again 2009 – They need perspective 

Dead Poet Society 1989 – They need inspiration 

Empire Records – 1995 They need care 

The Edge of Seventeen 2016 – They need someone to listen

Lady Bird 2017 – They need grace

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