I have taught a few parent classes over the years. Some were well attended, others were not; but all of them were worth it.  Here are some reasons that youth workers of all ages and every phase of life;  from no kids to empty-nester grand parents should teach a parenting class.

  • Parents need a place of their own. This is an affinity group. It is a place where parents can share and see everyone else nodding their heads.
  • Parents need connection. They need to know and feel you care beyond the midweek program. You may want to have a parent co-teach the class with you. They can be the voice of experience and you can offer some cultural advice.
  • Parents need answers. Don’t assume parents know how to raise their kids with Christian/biblical values. The information you teach, may be the first time some of these parents have heard it.
  • Parents need to know they are not the only ones going through a difficult time. In fact, many parents, after hearing other stories,  may come out of your class being more grateful.
  • Parents need time to grow. Healthier parents = healthier community = healthier church.
  • Parents need to know their is a resource for them to turn to. It’s o.k. if you have a small class, it let’s the other parents know the church cares enough to have a class.
  • Parents need you to be real. They may see a speaker, a programmer, or a game guy. This gives you a chance to show the real you.

Here is an extra page I created with more advice and resources for youth workers and parents.

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