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5 Reasons I Squidoo And You Should Too

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I started using Squidoo about 3 years ago. Squidoo was started by author and marketing expert Seth Godin. It was a fun hobby and challenge, but I have recently had some breakthrough ideas for using Squidoo for even more ministry purposes; like using it to build a platform for greater interaction between you, my fabulous blog readers, and myself. There are a lot of ways to use Squidoo, here are a few of my reasons:


  1. I like the game aspect.

I get points for

  • creating lenses
  • liking other people’s lens’s and having mine liked
  • commenting on, voting on, or participating on other people’s lenses

You can work your way to becoming a Giant Squid (50 lenses) or a Squid Angel where you can “bless” other lenses and give them extra  points.  I list some of my Squidoo Goals HERE

2.  I like the creativity it offers.

I am A.D.D when it comes to what I feel like working on at any given moment. If I have an idea for a lens, BAM! I can just jump over and make one.  Here is one I did after watching the T.V show The Cape. I thought it was lens-worthy.

3.  I am starting to figure out how to use it for our youth ministry

This is a challenge. When you are dealing with social media,  it’s easy to get your message out my tweeting or changing your status; but some times you need more information or want to have an ongoing conversation. Squidoo has some great tools for debate, voting, ranking etc. I started a lens for our College and Career and will have one for our youth and parents soon. The cool thing is, if you want to create a crazy lens of nothing but polls about Lady Ga Ga, you can.

4.  I am using Squidoo to compliment my blog and bless my readers and other youth workers

In the blogoshpere, there are lot of ideas. They offer are a view point of ministry, life, scripture, etc. but Squidoo keeps the conversation moving. you can comment on my blog and then take it on over to my Squidoo Lens, and you can debate, vote, and go as deep as you want. A good example is my lens on Youth Ministry Games

5. It keeps my writing sharp

The Squidoo community is a tough crowd. You have to step it up if you want to get a like or comment. I can’t just phone it in.  I like affirmation, and I get a lot of it from my Squidoo friends. I received a purple star (a big deal) for my lens called One Life Matters. Through my involvement in Squidoo, I have been able to share my passion for young people and the role youth pastors play in the life of the church.

This reason is not just a number, it is more than that. The Squidoo Community is fun, quirky, world-wide, and challenges me to be better.

So, if you decide to try Squidoo, let me know. If you sign up, tell them Paul sent you and they may give me a few extra points.

If you want to get to know me better, check out all my lenses here on my Meography.

Here are my Squidoo lenses that focus on youth  ministry or ministry oriented lenses. Come by and say hello.

Have a great week everyone!!


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