Whenever we have a kurfuffle like “What should we do with a believer behaving badly?” we have some choices:    

 1. Ignore it.  The problem with choice is that a chunk of our students are not ignoring it and they are looking how we respond to it. So, I don’t think ignoring it is an option.      

2. Make an over the top big deal about it.  Some youth workers will center their whole message around Miley’s escapade, but  don’t know if that is healthy either. Some youth workers (and lead pastors) will make this about themselves or politicize it for their own benefit. But there is another choice.      

3. Strike a Balance  Whether you were just plain disappointed like I was in another “Christian” showing their rear end or you were appalled and aghast at such worldliness, I don’t know if we should be surprised or shocked any more. if we are this shocked or disappointed it may be that we have been living in the bubble too long and need to get our more.

So, how do we strike the balance? If you believe Miley made a profession of faith, and she did, right here, then we address her as a believer and deal with her scripturally. Miley is no different than any kid in our youth group who have made a profession of faith and immediately went and did something stupid or simply did not feed their soul and the seed of faith was strangled.Do we judge them as harshly as we judge public figures? Probably not.

Other seed fell in the weeds; the weeds grew with it and strangled it.” ~~Jesus (Luke 8:6)

I believe this is what happened to Miley and what happens to our kids on a regular basis. The seed of faith tries to grow and it’s strangled by divorce, bitterness, disappointment, etc. all in of which Miley has dealt with, in the public eye no less. I won’t heap more judgement on Miley. She will get plenty of that from other believers and sinners alike. So, here is how I will handle the Miley Cyrus deal in my youth ministry.

  1. I will show the video, before worship, where she admits to knowing Christ.

I will not be angry when I read the scriptures John 12:46-48, Matthew 7:1-3, and finally Galatians 6;1,2

2. I will offer some commentary, but not much.

3. We will pray for Miley and that those believers around her will rebuke, instruct,         and correct her. We’ll then go and worship the God who forgives our sins, disciplines us when we fail, and loves us no matter what.

How do you plan on dealing with the Miley Cyrus issue?

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