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20 Plus Gift Ideas For Volunteers

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Do you want to show some love to the people that have helped you and your youth ministry out this past year? Don’t know what to get your volunteers or leader? Here’s a list of expensive and inexpensive ways to bless those working in the harvest fields with you.

Gifts For Volunteers

  • Restaurant Cards
  • Books (for personal or professional edification)
  • Movie Passes
  • Babysitting (if they need it.)
  • A home cooked meal at your house
  • A gift basket filled with their Favorite Things
  • Time off (if they need and would appreciate it)
  • Pay for a maid service for one day (this is for the busy family volunteer)
  • Time with them- Take them to lunch or just hang out
  • A Coupon Book (free car wash etc. students in your group could volunteer for various chores
  • Card games or games in general (this way they always have something to play when kids come over)
  • A coupon filled with discounts for next years trips
  • A thank you card (with items from the Free Questionnaire)
  • Gift them some songs from itunes or itune cards
  • Art (framed pictures or paintings, or something you make for them)
  • A poem written by you
  • A video thanking them or have kids thanking them.
  • Tickets to a sporting event
  • Tickets to a play
  • Tickets to a concert
  • Yourself- offer to pray with them or text them daily prayers of affirmation.

Nothing is too outlandish. If you’re meeting a need for that volunteer, you are giving a great gift. Do you have any ideas? Please leave your suggestion in the comments.

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