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Youth Ministry Round Up #98

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Youth Ministry Tweet of the Week

Not this youth pastor, but it checks out.

Youth Ministry Pic of the Week

I want an empty tomb biscuit creation. Pray for St. Johns youth ministry.


Cleveland Is Trying To Be The Kindest City In America

Rebuilding Your Declining Youth Ministry

Why Are People Acting So Weird?

Movie: Father Stu

Barna: Christian parents’ ‘scrambled philosophy of life’ turns children away from Christianity


I’m not a fan of the tone of this video but the example of creation and creators he gives will preach.

If you are looking to build new habits, this is worth your time

What should you look for in a mentor?

How many of these kids do you have in your youth group? If more than three, may God have mercy on your soul.

Youth Ministry Game: Heads or Tails

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