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Youth Ministry Round Up #70

2 · 03 · 21

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In 2021, if coming to Christ means coming to your church in a set location and a set hour, you need a new strategy. @cnieuwhof

Curiosity is what creates empathy. To care about someone, you have to wonder about them – @BrianGrazer A Curious Mind

I will not sit in my sin or wallow in my mistakes. God did not die on a cross and raise from the dead for me to sit, paralyzed by my past. His grace is enough and I will move forward. – @paulturnertoo

IG Youth Group of the Week

This is a youth group from Ireland. I love seeing students up front and doing. Pray for them.


Three ways to up your video production

Tips for Better After-Event Evaluation in the New Year

Discomfort and Discipleship

Four Ways To Keep Students From Falling Through The Cracks


We all get the question at some point.

Great for creating message intros or social posts


Yep, nothing possibly go wring playing this game with your students lol

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