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Youth Ministry Round Up #67

12 · 27 · 20

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“So far” and “not yet” are the foundations of every successful journey – Seth Godin

Few things are more exhausting than living for the approval of man. @mattsmethurst

Pressure is a privilege – @MacJones_10


The North Carolina Kid Who Cracked YouTube’s Secret Code (The Mr. Beast Story)

Don’t have a single purpose or passion? That’s OK

Building A More Humble Youth Ministry

Using Text Messaging for Digital Discipleship

The Most American Religion

Why Christianity Is Losing Teenagers (and What Youth Pastors Can Do About It)

Youth IG of The Week

I love this picture. It screams community! Have a pic I should share? Let me know at


Good Illustration of a just God.

Rational vs Emotional

How can you surprise and delight like Mr. Beast?

Play like a girl!

Welcome to the where we are.

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