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Youth Ministry Round Up #61

9 · 09 · 20

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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

“Only when passion merges with a skill that other people value can you truly follow your passion to the bank” @chrisguillebeau

Our oldest daughter (14) started reading a “Christian” book by a known author. after 2 chapters, she wanted to quit. I asked, “why?” she says, “I read 2 chapters & it didn’t mention Jesus once.” I’ve been saying… Gen Z has no patience for “self-help” masked as Christianity! – @Shane_pruitt78


Young people launch initiative to turn Gen Z into largest voting bloc in the U.S.

10 signs you lack a biblical worldview

Empowering students to serve in any size church

Mr. Beast’s back to school challenge


This is inspiring. Are you doing what you love? Are your students?

How much do you know about puberty? This is awkward.

An ambitious scavenger hunt you could do with your students involving QR Codes, drones and “relics” of your youth ministry.

What practical things can you do for your students? What skill can you offer them for a chance to build relationships?

Yep, every middles school Sunday School ever.

I’ve rounded up (see what I did there?) a few of my youth worker friends and they’d like to give you some free stuff. These free things are nothing I paid for and none of these people are sponsoring anything, they just wanted to help resource you and your ministry. Be sure to say thanks.

Free Game Download

Chris Coker gives us a game called Four Corners Famous Places Edition

Free E-books

My friend Kent is offering two free e-books over on his website 21 Ways To Make Parents A Priority and 13 Things Every Volunteer Needs From Their Leader

Free Courses on Youth Ministry

My friend Heather Quiroz , who was on my podcast, has a series of free course based on her book First Century Youth Ministry. Check it out here.

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