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Youth Ministry Round Up #60

8 · 24 · 20

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Your intellect didn’t bring you to God, His kindness did @JackieHillPerry

I had to learn a long time ago, if I wanted to stay in this business, I was responsible for staying in this business. They weren’t going to keep me in this business.” @ThatKevinSmith

People don’t quit bad jobs, they quit bad managers and cultures. @careynieuwhof

The hours don’t suddenly appear. You have to steal them from comfort. @sivers

10 habits of highly effective people

They plan

They prioritize

They delegate

They don’t multitask

They ask questions

They review what worked

They rest when they’re tired

They focus on the important

They optimize time pockets

They automate whenever possible.




Creating A Zoom Covenant (although creating a zoom covenant with your students was not Seth’s intent, he offers some good ideas)


Closing The Integrity Gap

Back To School

Mr. Beast’s Back To School Challenge

Youth Ministry

Relaunching Your Youth Ministry Right

Changing The Rules of the Game

Five Ingredients To Help Students Overcome A Pandemic

Five Ways A Team Will Change Your Youth Group


Is this new bible translation a keeper or a stinker?

Take the Jesus Challenge

Do your students indulge in Para-Social Relationships? The answer is yes.

Some great zoom tips, games and exercises

Back To School Playlist

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