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Youth Ministry Round Up #46

1 · 06 · 20

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Happy New Year everyone! Ok, that’s it, no more saying Happy New Year after today. I don’t know what the official date is for not saying it, but today feels like it.

If you need help this year, don’t forget about the resources I created to help you have the best year in youth ministry

My Youth Ministry Planner is packed with articles, ideas, forms, calendars and more to help you stay on track in 2020.

My Youth Meeting Planner has 52 meeting planning sheets, articles on every facet of a youth meeting and form to help you ideate the purpose of the meetings you plan.

Ministry Minded Coaching begins January 14th and I have a few seats left. If you’ve tried books, conferences and Youtube, but feel like you need a more personal touch, let me help you this year, in community, get over the humps of personal and youth group growth.

If you’d like to sit in for a session and kick the tires, send me an e-mail,

I wish you all the best this year for you, your family and your youth ministry.



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Ummm, I…well… do we really need this?

Great teaching illustration of finishing life’s race with someone. You could use this for teaching on discipleship, how the Holy Spirit runs besides us or Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 two are better than one.

Can you even imagine? Great discussion about not being an obsessive, crazy person about anything.

Are you looking for a youth pastor job? Looking to transition from your current church to a another? Watch My interview with Brian Aaby before you take the big leap.

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